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how did this happen

Applicant Info

◎ Name: Christy
◎ Journal: [personal profile] swagu
◎ Contact: [ profile] swagu
◎ Current Character(s): Ciel Phantomhive ([personal profile] cheats)

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Kasen Kanesada
◎ Character's Canon: Touken Ranbu
◎ Character's Age: 700
◎ Character's PB: Here
◎ Canon Point: Post World 5
◎ Background/History:
Here's a summary of his history and his wiki page for quite of bit of information about him. Also relevant are his most famous master.

The general plot of Touken Ranbu revolves around the MC/Saniwa making swords into tsukumogami so that they can stop supernatural forces from going back in time and changing history. There are many swords that can be summoned to help, and Kasen is one of the potential "starter swords," aka those who can be picked to summon as a MC's first sword.
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? Not at all!

◎ Personality:
"The origin of my name comes from the 36 Immortals of Poetry. Elegant, don’t you agree? …Though, my former master also happened to kill 36 of his vassals with his bare hands, which is to say, it seems now that everyone is not quite sure how to react around me."

Kasen is a sword of elegance and arts, and this is something reflected in his appearance and how he carries himself. As a sword, he was crafted with beauty in mind, with motifs of butterflies even a part of his design, and in his human form, his care to his own appearance is quite evident as well. He speaks of being a sword of the liberal arts, and yet this quote carries a central theme and contradiction about Kasen. There's more to the sword of elegance than their seems, and in fact, he has a history steeped in a different kind of blood than most of the other swords.

To understand Kasen as a character, it's also important to understand the master he speaks of in this quote, since in Touken Ranbu, the swords personalities often reflect their previous owners'. Without a doubt, Kasen's is reflected by the daimyo Hosokawa Tadaoki, who was his most famous owner, and the one that's definitely the inspiration for Kasens's character the most. Tadaoki was a refined man of the arts as a diligent pupil of tea ceremony, and even influenced Japanese arts to the modern day. Yet despite his love of art, Tadaoki had another side to his personality, and that was his fearsome, violent temper. This mixture of arts and violence is reflected in Kasen's origin and very name, and it serves as the foundation of his character.

As the story goes, Tadaoki's son was a bit weaker in politics than his father, so Tadaoki decided to make an example by staging an execution of 36 criminals. This number was chosen solely because Tadaoki admired a group of poets called the thirty-six immortals of poetry (Sanjūrokkasen), and with the blood of these criminals, so Kasen got his name. This is the event that this line refers to, and in it, we get to the first sort of contradiction in his character, and that's that Kasen isn't exactly honest.

From that line itself, it's clear that he's diminishing the story to some degree by leaving out details of it. With how he speaks of it, it makes it seem like Kasen himself wasn't involved, much less so crucially as the event to be his very namesake. It's a sort of soft lie and deception, because while Kasen isn't a liar, he's definitely careful about his words and the impression he gives off. This is also shown in his sparring lines, since when he starts, he asserts that he's a sword of the liberal arts, and that the person shouldn't go too hard on him. And yet the ending line admits that he took advantage of being underestimated to attack with "brute force." Kasen is particular about his appearance for shallow reasons, but it also seems that he's particular to give him an edge.

After all, what people will find the most surprising about Kasen is that despite his florid personality, he has the same sort of viciousness and temper as his infamous master. Kasen is surprisingly brutal despite his ways of speaking and carrying himself, and certainly makes his status as a sword of a tyrannical daimyo quite clear when he has to. With lines like "Present your neck" or the crude "You bastard... You deserve to die a thousand times!", it's clear that Kasen isn't purely the sword of the liberal arts that he claims to be. He's very much a samurai's sword, and it reflects in his staunch pride and honor, as well as his viciousness. He's likely one of the more brutal swords on the battlefield because of his ruthless temper, but just like many of them, he also firmly adheres to many tenets of the samurai such as that sort of fierce honor that they're famous for.

Thankfully though, his temper is rarely shown. It's more or less limited to the battlefield (or in true times of strife for him, when he has to work with horses), and most people instead will see that fanciful, pretentious side of Kasen. And for all of these rather surprising qualities above, the fact that he's a self-proclaimed man of the arts is the part of Kasen that's much more on display.

"Allow me to be the judge. Swords, armors, tea utensils, food ingredients, I can decide it all for you."

As Kasen will likely tell you the first time he meets you, he's a sword of the liberal arts. What this exactly means is definitely up for the other person to interpret, but Kasen certainly thinks of himself as elegant, refined, and concerned with the aesthetics of things around him. He loves things that are beautiful and elegant, whether they're words on paper or tea utensils and food ingredients, as the line implies. He's definitely rather intelligent, and a bit bookish, since he is very much dedicated to the inspiration of his namesake with the thirty-six immortals of poetry, and even composes poems himself. His appreciation of beauty is one of his defining traits, and it shows in his gentle way of speaking and carrying himself.

Of course, this does go a bit too far at times as well. Kasen is very devoted to the arts, and as such, he's also very much one to frown upon things he considers inelegant. He finds these sorts of things beneath him, which is what makes him come off as particularly pretentious. In addition, while Kasen isn't exactly lazy, he's definitely selective about the kind of work he does. He doesn't mind cooking or other endeavors where he can be creative, but if it's manual labor, that's a far different story. Kasen's reaction to manual labor can range from whiny in the case of being sent to work the fields to scathing in the case of being sent to work with horses. He hates being dirty and working too hard, since he thinks he's above it, and needless to say, if he's forced to? You'll never hear the end of it. He's a chronic complainer.

Yet overall, Kasen is a sort of presence that's caring, if fussy. As one of the starter swords, he's often the kind of sword that will take on sibling-like roles, and can be especially a big brother sort of figure to all kinds of swords. He's the sort of sibling that can be annoying to deal with, true, but he's also the sort that does genuinely care and gets the most out of the camaraderie of the Citadel. After all, Kasen is fundamentally a kind person. With his care for elegance and beauty, it extends to generally treating people well, since he finds that it's the proper thing to do. Even with his eccentricities and occasionally quite bad temper, he's a friendly, mature sword. Just so long as you don't send him to the fields, at least.

◎ Powers/Abilities:
Kasen is the embodiment of the uchigatana he carries at his side, and as a result, he's quite talented in swordsmanship! Presumably his style is that of his master, but Tadaoki's style didn't have a formal name that I could find. More generally speaking, Tadaoki was a fierce and renowned daimyo, so it's easy to assume that Kasen is well-versed in a style of swordsmanship that's very functional and deadly.

As a tsukumogami, he's also able to endure much more damage to his body than a human could, but that does come with the other side that he's much more sensitive to damage to the sword. Since the sword is him, damage to the sword itself can be very dangerous, to the point that if the sword breaks, Kasen will die.
◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
Just his sword, his normal outfit, and his casual/working outfit!


◎ Element: Earth
◎ Sense: Sight. As a sword of the liberal arts, Kasen is very focused on aesthetics and how beautiful or elegant things appear.
◎ Seven Character Traits:
+ Artistic
+ Discerning
+ Gentle
- Hot-tempered
- Whiny
- Pretentious
~ Evasive


◎ First-Person Sample:
Have a few! One, Two, Three

◎ Third-Person Sample:

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories?

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