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now that's what i call indecisive

NAME: Christy
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NAME: Sebastian Michaelis
CANON: Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
AGE: Unknown—At least 3,000 years old, but likely quite a bit older than that. Appears to be in his late twenties.
CANON POINT: Chapter 104


In some ways, Sebastian seems to personify everything you'd imagine about the Faustian demon. He's handsome, charming, and sly, able to easily manipulate and lead people as he wishes. He's ruthless and quite clearly considers humans nothing more than something that exists for his amusement and meals. But at the same time... He's also a very odd demon. While he may be suave and charming, on the other hand, he's also a borderline neurotic perfectionist that takes the duties of a butler very seriously and loves cats enough to keep thirteen of them in a closet to save them from being outside. He may be a demon, but he's not exactly the cool, flawless being that he may seem to be.

But to give him credit, Sebastian is bound by a contract, and that contract is a big driving force for his activities. In Kuroshitsuji, if a human summons a demon, they're able to form a contract with the demon—the demon will serve the human to its full capacity and do anything the contractor wishes, but at a cost. The demon will eventually eat his human contractor's soul. In Sebastian's case, his contractor is a young nobleman named Ciel Phantomhive that made a contract both to save himself and out of a want for revenge against the people that killed his family. This revenge drives Ciel, and thus, it drives Sebastian in turn. But Ciel is a wise boy, so there are certain terms that bind Sebastian:
1. To protect and never betray Ciel.
2. To obey his orders no matter what.
3. To never lie.
While most of these terms only apply to Ciel in terms of how they can influence Sebastian, they still carry a great influence otherwise, since some of the orders that Ciel has given have shaped Sebastian. For example, Sebastian's perfectionism, especially as it relates to his duties as a butler, comes from Ciel's rather harsh enforcement of term number two. While Sebastian does seem to innately just take some sort of pleasure in doing things over the top and making things as perfect as possible, Ciel only made it worse by insisting that Sebastian do things by hand. With Sebastian's abilities, he's able to simply create meals, tidy things up, or anything else that would be asked of him without so much as lifting a finger, but because Ciel insisted that he take the effort to do them by hand, he must. Ciel may have high standards for what he expects from Sebastian, but some of this is just a part of Sebastian's character, too. He does things to the best of his ability, and gets annoyed when things don't go exactly as planned, though he goes to great lengths still make sure they're as perfect as possible.

But even beyond that, Sebastian also just tends to think of accomplishing things in unusual, often overly elaborate ways. Some examples include arson to find a missing person, elaborately faking his own death for the sake of incriminating a someone, and creating about twenty different varieties of curry for the sake of winning a curry competition. He's quietly eccentric, in a way, since the ways he thinks to do things are just strange, and the amount of effort they require makes it seem even stranger that he would go through it all for the sake of one (apparently very good) meal.

But that's also easily attributed to the idea that Sebastian is difficult to think of in terms of human ideals and morality. He is a demon, and therefore simply doesn't understand or isn't subject to some human emotions. Materialism is meaningless to him, and the only things he seems to care about (other than cats) are more in terms of the annoyance of replacing them if they get ruined rather than any actual value he places on them. The idea of friendship is foreign to him, and while others may regard him as a friend, it's not a sentiment that's returned. His "friendship" is something purely manipulative, just another proverbial chess piece that can be used to some end. Even crying baffles him, because it's just something foreign to a demon.

But even with his distant view of humanity, it's clearly convincing enough for people to like him and to not suspect that he's anything but a refined, stoic butler. Despite not being human and not being subject to many of their emotions, he enjoys observing them and finds them entertaining, clearly enough to be able to imitate it. He's friendly and charming, and even appears to be generous at times, but that too is usually a manipulative gesture. He can be playful and enthusiastic, in every part seeming to be a butler that truly enjoys and takes pleasure in doing his work and doing it well. Yet everything is in terms of how it could be useful to him (or Ciel), so he's more than happy to play the part he's been given. To anyone that doesn't know that he's a demon, he's pleasant, if a bit distant and stoic. To those that do, he's much more open with the fact that he only does things for the sake of some eventual goal and doesn't seem to like it when people imply otherwise.

He's certainly an unusual, eccentric demon, but Sebastian is a demon nontheless. He's manipulative and downright cruel, and certainly extremely dangerous, should he feel the need to be. Yet luckily, this is something that very rarely gets shown at all. For the sake of one, excellent meal, Sebastian plays the part of a human well as a charmingly eccentric butler who is absolutely devoted to his young master.

To put it quite simply, Sebastian is one hell of a butler.

Well. See. About Sebastian's powers...

Sebastian's abilities are not very clearly defined, and are more likely vaguely handwaved because he seems to be capable of everything. There hasn't been a situation in the manga that Sebastian has simply been unable to handle, even to ridiculous levels, so rather than giving a clearly defined list, I have to vaguely wave my hand in terms of what he does.

That said, there are a couple abilities that Sebastian has that are well enough shown that I can at least give a bulleted list for his basic abilities.
  • Super Strength/Speed/Sense/Etc.: As expected from a demon, Sebastian has heighted, well, everything. He's capable of simply running long distances without tiring, pulling along horse carriages himself no problem, and otherwise just doing impossible feats of strength/agility/what have you. In terms of heightened sense, Sebastian is also able to sense souls, though it seems to be not with any identification of who the soul belongs to.
  • Matter Creation: This is the one that I have to vaguely wave my hand at the most, since Sebastian is capable of creating an elaborate meal or fixing up a ruined mansion in the blink of an eye, and with the only imperfections being in terms of his lack of knowledge (such as the taste of the food). It doesn't seem to have any restraints, since he's able to fix the manor from major damage repeatedly and have it be lasting, so. Who knows.
  • Immortality: As far as we know, Sebastian seems to be immortal. He can take major damage and not be very worried about it (such a scythe through his chest) and otherwise be injured repeatedly and not suffer ill-effects from it. The exception is with items specifically made to slay demons or a Grim Reaper/Shinigami's weapon, which seem to affect him more, but still not very much.
  • Butlering: In addition, in terms of pure skill sets, Sebastian is very good at a lot of things. He's extremely intelligent and capable, and is able to perform a variety of tasks extremely well, from gourmet cooking and high-class cleaning to learning the specifics of a machine after reading its document once. He does have to learn things as a normal human would, that is, reading and experience, but he's able to pick up on tasks very easily and quickly. The amount of things he can do under this category is really ridiculous because he's a stupid godmod, but for things like making champagne towers.
That said, because his powers do tend to be so vague, I've made a more detailed information post laying out what he can do here! It's more or less everything listed above, but does include some minor things and more expansion on how they work, if applicable.

1. His butler's uniform, shown here
2. A silver pocketwatch
3. A set of sharped, silver dinner knives since Sebastian is an embarrassment and genuinely fights with them.

NETWORK SAMPLE: It's a joint post, but you'll find plenty of replies Here!

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