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Nov. 24th, 2014 08:09 am
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AJIN , Satou @ [personal profile] kdr
BLACK BUTLER , Ciel Phantomhive @ [personal profile] cheats
BLACK BUTLER , Sebastian Michaelis @ [personal profile] cutlery
BLACK LAGOON , Balalaika @ [personal profile] shramy
BLOOD+ , Diva @ [personal profile] coloratura
BLOOD+ , Diva @ [personal profile] madamemoiselle
BLOOD+ , James Ironside @ [profile] schiftting
FATE/APOCRYPHA , Lancer of Black (Vlad Tepes) @ [personal profile] voyvoda
FATE/APOCRYPHA , Saber of Red (Mordred) @ [personal profile] medrawt
FATE/ZERO , Rider (Iskandar) @ [personal profile] oikoumene
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST , Dante @ [personal profile] bolgia
GANKUTSUOU , The Count @ [personal profile] cashforgold
GUILTY CROWN , Inori Yuzuriha @ [personal profile] halftoned
INNOCENT , Marie-Joseph Sanson @ [personal profile] macabrely
KAKEGURUI , Yumeko Jabami @ [personal profile] outgambles
KEMONOZUME , Yuka Kamitsuki @ [personal profile] skydiver
LE CHEVALIER D'EON , Maximilien Robespierre @ [personal profile] psalms
LOVELESS , Agatsuma Soubi @ [personal profile] slampoetry
ME AND THE DEVIL BLUES , Clyde Barrow @ [personal profile] coca_cola
ME AND THE DEVIL BLUES , Robert "RJ" Johnson @ [personal profile] bluesman
PANDORA HEARTS , Xerxes Break @ [personal profile] crazily
PANDORA HEARTS , Xerxes Break @ [personal profile] madhatted
RED GARDEN , Rachel Benning @ [personal profile] to_die_for
ROZEN MAIDEN , Shinku @ [personal profile] rubin
RUROUNI KENSHIN , Hajime Saitou @ [personal profile] slayevil
RUROUNI KENSHIN , Seta Soujirou @ [personal profile] eversmiling
SAKURAN , Kiyoha @ [personal profile] iki
SEIKON NO QWASER , Ekaterina "Katya" Kurae @ [personal profile] cuprum
TOKYO GHOUL , Tsukiyama Shuu @ [personal profile] dolcegabbana
TOUKEN RANBU , Kasen Kanesada @ [personal profile] liberalarts
VINLAND SAGA , Askeladd @ [personal profile] oskefisen
XXXHOLIC , Yuuko Ichihara @ [personal profile] granter

THE FELIX CASTOR SERIES , Felix Castor @ [personal profile] tinwhistle
THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY , Dorian Gray @ [personal profile] artfully

DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Diana (Wonder Woman) @ [personal profile] lassos
DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Circe @ [personal profile] aiaian
DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Kara Zor-L (Power Girl) @ [personal profile] jugs
DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Maxwell Lord @ [personal profile] jli
DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) @ [personal profile] toxicodendrons
DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) @ [personal profile] bwahahah
DC COMICS (PRE 52) , Veronica Cale @ [personal profile] pearlclutcher
DC COMICS (REBIRTH) , Basil Karlo (Clayface) @ [personal profile] muddleheaded
DC COMICS (REBIRTH) , Guy Gardner @ [personal profile] chucklehead
DC COMICS (REBIRTH) , Kate Kane (Batwoman) @ [personal profile] batwoman
DC COMICS (REBIRTH) , Mera @ [personal profile] redtides
THE SANDMAN , Lucifer Morningstar @ [personal profile] felixculpa
SKY DOLL , Noa @ [personal profile] mnemonics
TRANSMETROPOLITAN , Spider Jerusalem @ [personal profile] journalist

THE ADVENTURE ZONE , Merle Highchurch @ [personal profile] jortpers

AVATAR (2009) , Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at’ite @ [personal profile] omaticaya
BLACK SAILS , Captain Flint @ [personal profile] mcgraw
HANNIBAL , Hannibal Lecter @ [personal profile] sating
HOUSE, M.D./b> , Gregory House @ [personal profile] canes
LUTHER , John Luther @ [personal profile] nitroglycerine
THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG , Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff @ [personal profile] debutante
MR ROBOT , Mr. Robot @ [personal profile] ransomware
MR ROBOT , Tyrell Wellick @ [personal profile] xor
SUCKER PUNCH , Babydoll @ [personal profile] imagining
TRUE BLOOD , Eric Northman @ [personal profile] blodugr
TRUE BLOOD , Jason Stackhouse @ [personal profile] horndog

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(almost) always open;


➛ post a character(s) or a ship
➛ post a prompt word or phrase
➛ ????

Don't be afraid to ask for anything! Feel free to ask for as many as you'd like!
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The All-Purpose JamJar Meme

Jamjars give people opportunities to place their favorites into alternate scenarios of circumstantial bonding, alliance, animosity, teamwork and sexuality! Some encounters are innocuous and some epiphany-spurring, and whether you're interacting with a castmate or engaging in cross-canon CR, there are opportunities for creativity and exploration only made possible through this format. If you are fucking lazy or don't want to deal with activity-checks or want to do a miniature test drive, just meme it. Just... fucking meme it.



✿1. Horror: Your characters are taken from their own worlds and thrown into a terrifying situation! Things are creepy, resources are scarce, and ensuring your own survival is paramount.
✿2. Sex Game: For whatever contrived and nonsensical reason, your characters are forced into a world where they gotta bone. Aside from smutstuff, you have the opportunity to play out how very awkward it is to navigate these agreements and encounters before and after. Lasting bonds can form from something you didn't expect! But so can eternal regret.
✿3. Slice of Life: Characters are forced to live together in familial units. They have an opportunity here -- in spite of being stuck -- to relax and slow down and do some fun, ordinary things. Picnics, dates, school, etc.
✿4. Fantasy: Characters are forced into guilds and roles, given weapons and are made to utilize their powers in coordinated units to complete missions.
✿5. Scifi: Characters are thrust on to the frontier of spacial colonization! Characters on a spaceship! Characters being drafted into an Imperial Earth Army to fight/conquer foreign entities! Characters being in a world where they are assessed, identified, tracked and policed by artificial intelligence! And so on!
✿6. Reincarnation/ New Identity: Your character has been reborn at this game, or given a new identity. Work out their karma or help them come to terms with having to live a new life.
✿7. Asylum/Prison/Institutionalized Identity: Characters are locked up and put under heavy surveillance. Slowly they are institutionalized and disintegrated from ordinary social rules of engagement. They could be told that they've been identified as mentally dysfunctional, or they could be in prison! Are they pleading their innocence, or do they know they're guilty as fuck back in their world?
✿8. Assignment-Based/Mercenary/Survival: Characters have to put their skills to good use as drafted mercenaries. Help your captors assassinate, spy, sabotage, infiltrate, steal, and terrorize for points that will lead up to your freedom or the freedom of others.
✿9. Your Choice!: Do whatever!



✿1. First Impressions: You never forget your first impression of someone. Unless it was entirely forgettable.
✿2. Oh Hey Again: I kind of know you!!!! Hi!!! I hate this place but love familiarity hi!!!
✿3. Event: SOMETHING IS HAPPENING and your characters have either run into each other or sought each other out to stick together during it!
✿4. Living Quarters: Surprise, your characters are in the same house! Or room! Or building! Either way you have to share space and facilities with this person. Enjoy!
✿5. Mystery: Who Did It? Why Are We Here? Characters are disappearing, people are dying, whatever is happening it is FISHY!
✿6. Canon Update/Respawn/"But we know each other, I swear!": One character comes (back) to a game and does not remember previous CR. A relationship or friend or even hateship is forgotten. How will this be dealt with?
✿7. Begrudgingly Working Together: You are so fucking annoying but I guess we have to fight Monster of the Day Together/Get Unstuck-UnLost Together/Find Our Way Back/Help Each Other Out.
✿8. Is This a Date: Gee, you guys sure are doing a lot of things that people on dates do and you're having a lot of fun [sweats]...
✿9. Violence: Characters beat the shit out of each other or help each other out of a gory situation with terrible traumatic injuries or something!
✿10. One-Sided(?) Crush: How do you get their attention? Or, alternatively, how do you ignore that this person obviously is crushing on you and it's totally awkward
✿11. Protecting/Saving: Your character's chance to be a hero or a damsel!
✿12. Network Post: Mandatory bs.
✿13. Inbox: Hey, can I talk to you for a second? In private?
✿14. Your Choice!: Do whatever!
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