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i gazed into the abyss

Name: Christy
Contact Info: [ profile] swagu
Other Characters Played: Diva ([personal profile] madamemoiselle), Sebastian Michaelis ([personal profile] cutlery)
Requested apartment: With Kaneki if possible! He needs someone to keep him on a leash tbqh

Character Name: Shuu Tsukiyama
Canon: Tokyo Ghoul
Canon Point: Chapter 116
Background/History: Here
To understand any Ghoul, there are certain questions of morality that are important to take into consideration. With the exception of Kaneki, all Ghouls are born as such, which also means that they're raised to eat human beings seemingly from birth. Not unlike how humans are socialized to not view their food as once being something alive, Ghouls operate in a similar way. Ghouls view humans as food and little more, because even though Ghouls that are more gentle would starve to death if they took on a "vegetarian" lifestyle. The way a Ghoul views humans as a whole is individualized, certainly, but all of them are united in viewing humans at least as food since it would be impossible for them to survive any other way.

That said, while most Ghouls choose to live separately from humans because of the innate conflict between the two groups, not all of them do. Clearly Tsukiyama is in the minority of people who have lived amongst humans, and for quite a while. Tsukiyama is said to blend in with humans seamlessly, where he's intelligent, charismatic, and friendly. He's an avid reader and very social, able to strike up conversations easily, and he's well-educated, since he has knowledge of many different languages and is even a senior in university studying social welfare, of all things. He's the kind of person that's very easy to get along with and trust, since he has a natural charisma.

Though of course, this is almost entirely manufactured for living easily amongst humans. While Tsukiyama is charismatic, he often uses his charisma to get what he wants, which is, without a doubt, an excellent meal. Tsukiyama is known by the organization that hunts down Ghouls by the codename "Gourmet" because he's the Ghoul equivalent of a foodie, only consuming the finest of meals. This is what inspires his obsession with Kaneki, which I'll get to later, but for a lesser example, he also plucks out a woman's eyes because they have a "lovely gradation of sepia" and eats them. This is unusual in itself, since most Ghouls will kill their prey, but Tsukiyama lets her live, as awful as that is.

Because really, Tsukiyama is awful. Once people know his true colors, they generally regard him with disdain, since his picky eating is generally harmful to the Ghouls as a whole, but is also exceptionally cruel and decadent. While we don't know much about Tsukiyama's background, his personality and mannerisms imply that he comes from a family with money, which is why he is able to be so discerning with his meals at all, to the point of being a leader of a fine-eating club for Ghouls, where humans are selected for their extra-tasty qualities for members to sample. He's cruel, vicious, and completely amoral, and while the flippant attitude towards humans is somewhat understandable because of a Ghoul's general attitude, Tsukiyama also shows the same sort of attitude to fellow Ghouls. He looks down on those who he doesn't deem strong or worth his time, and will show no hesitation whatsoever to kill his own, even allowing a slaughter of the members of his club later in the manga.

And why would he lead such a slaughter at all? Well, as it turns out, Tsukiyama's pursuit of excellent meals also gets quite obsessive, at least once he finds someone worthy of such an obsession. The object of Tsukiyama's thirst obsession is none other than the half-human, half-Ghoul protagonist Kaneki Ken, and Tsukiyama realizes how delectable he is when they first meet. Throughout the series, Tsukiyama starts off as absolutely manic in his pursuit of eating Kaneki, but once he's defeated, he takes a more subtle role. He eventually devotes himself to Kaneki, pledging to act as his sword, and this loyalty is, in some respects, genuine.

He does seem to genuinely admire Kaneki and in some respects, even worries about his well-being. However, the context that this worry comes from is up for debate. He expresses to another character that he wants Kaneki to return to being dolce, that is, earlier in the manga when he was relatively much happier. Yet knowing what we do about Tsukiyama, that may also be just because he prefers the "taste" Kaneki would have had then rather than than the more hardened person he becomes. He's not trusted by other characters, and for good reason—Many things that Tsukiyama does seem to have the selfish motives, so we can only assume the same for this.

After all, Tsukiyama may be intelligent, sly, and clever, but he's also motivated almost entirely by a meal, ultimately. He's willing to throw aside his own life for the sake of this meal, so he's selfish, obsessed, and unhinged, which makes that loyalty very disingenuous. Whatever virtues that might be seen from Tsukiyama's devotion are ultimately overruled when you remember that the only reason he's so devoted at all is to make sure that no one else eats his Happy Meal before he does. More or less.

Overall, Tsukiyama is a character of extremes. He's an intellectual that pursues hedonistic pleasure in food, but it just so happens to be that his food is people. It makes him ruthless, cruel, and viciously amoral, and yet, this part of him can be difficult to find. Despite the monstrous being he truly is and how much sadistic pleasure he takes in pursuing his food, to most he seems like a charismatic and friendly, if pretentious, young man.

Tsukiyama is a creature known as a Ghoul, which, simply put, is a creature that eats human flesh. While they look perfectly human most of the time, Ghouls are separate from humans, and have some major biological differences.

For the day-to-day, Ghouls are not able to eat the same food that humans do. Eating human food will make Ghouls rather ill, since their bodies aren't able to process it, and to go with this, all human food tastes especially foul to them as well. While they're able to fake eating human food with practice, it's certainly not good for them and if they don't throw it up, it will be a detriment to them. The only exception to this, oddly enough, is (black) coffee, which they're able to drink and process without a problem. The only thing they are able to eat is the flesh of humans or other Ghouls. They can eat any part of a human (Tsukiyama even eats eyes since he's grodie like that), and they are able to survive off the corpse of one human for about a month or two. When Ghouls are especially hungry or when they're using their kagune, their eyes change color, where the whites of their eyes turn black and their irises turn red.

In terms of fighting capabilities, Ghouls are much stronger/faster/more durable than your average human, and are able to heal from even extreme injuries rather quickly so long as they've eaten recently or eat more, depending on the severity of the wound. They are also able to utilize a weapon called a Kagune, which is a part of their body formed from a particular type of cell—One character in the series describes the Kagune as being comprised of "liquid muscle." There are four types of Kagune, but Tsukiyama possesses the Koukaku-type Kagune, which is considered the defensive type Kagune. This Kagune is released from around the shoulder blade and is quite heavy and is generally difficult to wield, but Tsukiyama himself doesn't seem to have much trouble with it. His Kagune generally takes the form of a sort of corkscrew around his arm, but he is able to move and manipulate the kagune so that it can form a shield or a larger blade if needed.

1. A mask
2. A blood-stained handkerchief
3. A godawful extra suit
Sample Entry:

Sample Entry Two:
Haven really was an interesting place. It was magnificent, even, like a postmodern sort of paradise suited to either a insightful masterpiece examining the rise and decay of modern society or an absolutely trashy post-apocalyptic light novel. Tsukiyama certainly knew which one he would prefer, but as he sips on a beyond poor blend of instant coffee offered by his kind roommate, he has a feeling that the reality may slip towards the latter. But even that couldn't dishearten him, really.

After all, spending the day acclimating and meeting the other residents, he had made a wonderful discovery. The people here were so often unique, and absolutely delectable in that. He would never become a binge eater, because such a thing was so terribly unrefined, but for once, he could understand the temptation.

There were the dolce people he had met, sweet in their personalities and temperaments. Gentle, sweet young people who were so friendly and so willing to earnest help new arrivals. They had a sort of tired, haggard look about them, but their smiles as they carried on despite the hardship they faced were charming. They were a bit skinny, clearly food was a bit harder to come by here, but the ribs always held a pleasant flavor.

He had even encountered the rare épicé, usually not to his taste, but they were also simply rather difficult to find in the mild-mannered Japan. They were a bit brash, more stringy, but tough. Their arms and legs were usually the best, as muscular as they tended to be, and ah, if only he could give one a massage to tenderize the flesh before biting into it, it would have a wonderful, fragrant flavor.

And of course, there were simply the < savory >, his absolute favorite of all. Rich, complex flavors, expressed with interesting characteristics all around. Those were the ones he desired most already, and couldn't help but consider how to lure in. They were the one-of-a-kind flavors, the halflings like his dear Kaneki, but the ones that were similar to him, wearing a human skin, yet being nothing of the sort. They were an unknown, a curiosity he absolutely must sample, to know what sort of hidden flavors their kind possessed. Who knew what an eternal child may taste like, or a demon spinning clever and careful words like he could only dream of. Those sorts of flavors...

He sighs contently over his cup of coffee as he slips into his daydreams, and he murmurs one of those quiet words of happiness in a foreign language. Truly, if he could taste at least one dish that was truly rare and unique in its qualities... These detestable conditions would be worth even that.