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sad ghost son

Applicant Info

◎ Name: Christy
◎ Journal: [personal profile] swagu
◎ Contact: [plurk.com profile] swagu

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Cole
◎ Character's Canon: Dragon Age
◎ Character's Age: Unknown. Cole is a unique existence in canon where he's sort of partially between being human and being a spirit of compassion. As both, he's only a year or two old, but he appears to be a young man of about 20.
◎ Canon Point: Shortly after the Inquisition claims Skyhold.
◎ Background/History: Here
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense?
Cole isn't a hacker at all, but he has a very sensitive sixth-sense. This is is major "power," so this is covered in the abilities section in detail.

◎ Personality:
Cole is a strange young man. That's the impression that you get upon first meeting him, and even the more you get to know him, that impression never really changes. He's withdrawn, shy, and tends to say very odd, uncomfortable things with no prompting. It makes him very off-putting at first, but there's one tenet that Cole sticks to so strongly that it makes it clear that all these odd things about him are for a reason, and they happen in a way he can't completely control.

More than anything, Cole wants to help.

To understand Cole, it's also very important to understand what he is, because that struggle is the greatest one that Cole faces in his character arc. Cole is a unique existence, a being somewhere between a human and a spirit. In the world of Dragon Age, magic works by tapping into another realm called the Fade, but this doesn't come without danger, for in the Fade there exist demons who wish to come to the mortal world and wreak havoc. The demons are the best known residents of the Fade, but they too are just spirits who represent certain concepts like Pride or Desire. There are in fact more benign spirits, though they rarely come to the mortal world, since doing so exposes them to the danger of being warped from the more benign existence to the dangerous demons, which I'll get to later. In his original form, Cole was one of these benign spirits, in fact the spirit of Compassion.

As Compassion, he came and comforted a boy starving alone, since he had been forgotten by the people meant to protect him, and as that boy died, the spirit became one with the boy, and thus Cole was "created." Cole looks like the young man he possessed, but in doing so, he also forgot his original purpose for a long time, confused by what it was to mean and unable to control his new existence. Cole lived afraid, alone, and unseen and these all created certain personality traits about Cole.

Early in his existence, Cole was unable to be seen by anyone but people who were about to die (and he usually killed them), save for one mage named Rhys. Still, even though he couldn't be seen, Cole lived in constant terror of being seen all the same, since he feared being caught and very likely killed. This sort of balance went on for at least a year, and though he's better by his canonpoint now, these circumstances also shaped Cole in a large way. He's still very shy and skittish, and though he can be seen by people if he wants them to see him, he still prefers to remain unseen. He's more comfortable with being an unseen presence, since he honestly fears people, and for no small reasons. With the trauma of dying as a human and the fear of becoming something else as a spirit, being around people makes Cole anxious.

However, he's always pulled by the spirit's desires. Compassion is the greatest trait of Cole, and it's what honestly endears people to him so much. Though he's odd and a little frightening at times, Cole does genuinely want to help everyone he meets. It's hard to see how he helps at times, since he'll do odd things like leave rotting plums on windowsills, but if pushed to explain, he would explain that the plums are to attract flies for the spiders, who then create web for healers to use to tend to the injured. You hear of several such instances of things like this, because Cole's compassion is very quiet. He doesn't like to be recognized for his help, and in fact shies away from it quite a lot. Instead, he helps for the sake of helping.

However, this doesn't always go as planned. While he has a talent for extending his patient, gentle compassion, he's still an isolated, awkward person with a skill that can make him very offputting. Part of what guides Cole is his ability to pick up feelings or memories, which is something he has no control over, and seemingly in a way to process them, he tends to simply say what he's feeling or experiencing aloud. This is a very unnerving thing for most people, since what Cole picks up on is only hurt, and having things or events that have hurt you repeated aloud... It's not the best way to make friends. Even with the people that get past how strange and revealing that is, there are still situations that Cole simply doesn't understand.

It's these situations that are a great source of anxiety for Cole, because while he earnestly wants to help people to not hurt anymore, Cole doesn't always successfully confront it. Sometimes he makes it worse as he tries to help, and this is something that deeply upsets him, to the point of using another ability of his in a kneejerk reaction of fear. He's able to make people forget, though in a very specific way—They forget him and him alone. This allows him to help people without the trauma of having an odd, awkward boy be the one to do it, but Cole also uses this to erase his mistakes, which could be considered a little disturbing or unethical. It's basically like pressing the undo button, since when he wills someone to forget him, he can try again to help them, or he can simply run away from it.

While this is one thing that Cole fears, there's also another that overrides that, which returns us to the idea of a spirit being corrupted. The lore explains that the mortal world is a confusing and disorienting place to spirits, and we see this with how Cole first acted when he came to be. When he was alone in the Spire, he didn't understand what he was or what he was supposed to do, and so his sense of compassion was warped, so instead as people lay dying like the original Cole had, the new one would appear to mercy kill them. It's the only way he could think of to express the overwhelming, disorienting desire to help that he felt, and this is now something frightening to a spirit. If Cole loses his sense of compassion or his controlled by someone with magic, he would be warped and turned into a demon. For someone with a desire to help as strong as Cole has, this is absolutely worse than dying to him, since he would be going against a very nature that pulls at his core. As such, his personal request revolves around deciding on how to confront this danger of Cole being corrupted, and you have the choice to make him more spirit or more human, though this hasn't happened yet at his canonpoint.

However, despite being the spirit of compassion and a pacifist, that's not to say that Cole isn't his own particular brand of vicious. He joins the party of the game with the aim to help people, but Cole doesn't show any hesitation in killing, though he doesn't enjoy it. After all, Cole is more of a moral absolutist than would be expected from a spirit of compassion. The people that are against him and what he does are the people that hurt others, and as such, Cole tends to default to killing them. He actually disapproves at times if the player-character shows mercy, since to him, this is letting a bad person get away with what they've done. To Cole, hurting others is a blood for blood sort of relationship, and it makes him more than willing to kill those who he judges as being dangerous to others.

Overall, Cole is a little hard to understand at first. He speaks strangely, in a sort of stream-of-consciousness, disappears and reappears without warning, and just does weird things. All of these are given without explanation at first, since Cole is a shy, almost always frightened young man, but the more someone gets to know him, the more they see that there's a deeply lonely but also deeply thoughtful young man there. The only desire that motivates Cole is the one to reach out to people around him and help them. He wants people to be happy, and he'll do everything he can to that end, though his thought processes on how to do so may be strange. He's still learning about the world as well, and though he's certainly getting better at interacting with others, he's also very much learning, and falters more than a little. He doesn't understand social conventions and will rather bluntly ask about them, but his motivations are never malicious so much as a genuine, pure curiosity and want to understand.

After all, Cole is stuck in two worlds, and he doesn't really belong in either. The human part of him wants to reach out to people, but the spirit part wants to stay hidden and quietly help. This conflict of natures is the one that's at Cole's center, and yet despite that, this conflict also makes him someone who's uniquely geared to help people and extend a hand of compassion, just as he was meant to.

◎ Powers/Abilities:
Cole's abilities fall into two main categories: his abilities as a spirit, and the abilities he has as a part of RPG mechanics.

As a spirit, Cole has very unique and very sensitive abilities as an empath, some of which he doesn't have complete control over by the nature of how they work.
The main skill is his empathy, which is extremely wide-reaching, but also something he has no control over. Cole's empathy allows memories to be channeled to him, though they're usually very limited, maybe being a few moments at the most. They're also usually to do with physical proximity, so Cole is more likely to feel out a memory from people he's physically close to or if he's in a location where something with strong emotions had once happened. Usually in the game, these locations are places where people have died, and Cole is able to pick up on the last few moments and memories of these people. For people around him though, they can be anything, so long as it's something that the person is hurt by or otherwise hung up on. It's not to say that Cole is likely to drag out someone's deep, dark secrets, though! It's just as likely that he would get a feeling of an innocuous anxiety as he would that deep, dark secret, and he has no real control over which he ends up feeling.

In addition, Cole is also able to make people forget him, which he does with a simple wave of the hand. When he does this, the affected person will have no memory of having ever met Cole, but anything Cole does with the person may remain as a vague, dream-like memory. They might not be able to recall how Cole helped them to overcome some kind of problem, for example, but they would still have the benefits of having some issues soothed, or the motivation to go fix them themselves. Related to this, Cole is also able to make himself disappear, at least in a sense. It's more similar to his ability to make people forget him, since he's there, but rather, he just makes himself imperceptible or unnoticeable. We know this because Cole isn't ethereal when this is in effect, and factors of the environment still can interact with him. Still, it's easier to describe it as invisibility since that's how it appears, at least.

I'd also like to stress that all of the above will never be done without another player's permission. I'll have detailed permissions posts for all of the above, as well as keeping in regular contact with whoever I'm playing with, since these abilities are all a type of infomodding/godmodding in nature.
In terms of RPG mechanics, Cole is a rogue class fighter with a specialization in dual-wielding daggers. For those of you familiar with the game, he's roughly level 10 at his canonpoint, but just otherwise his skills are very RPG mechanic heavy, and thus not really applicable to RP in any real way. To simplify his skills, Cole is very skilled with daggers, able to take on even a dragon (with help!) with a pair of blades alone. He's also quite stealthy, though his ability mentioned above helps with that quite a lot. He's able to navigate a battlefield quietly and going relatively unnoticed, which makes him an excellent rogue and a better assassin.

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
1+2. 2x Assassins Blades
3. An extra hat

◎ Element: Water
◎ Sense: Hearing—Cole's character centers around listening to people and their feelings, and though there's not a sound always associated that, he refers to it as listening.
◎ Seven Character Traits: ( Compassionate, Thoughtful, Curious ) | ( Naive, Lack of Boundaries, Moral Absolutist ) + Odd


◎ First-Person Sample: here

◎ Third-Person Sample: Already in game!

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories? nope!