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Applicant Info

◎ Name: Christy
◎ Journal: [personal profile] swagu
◎ Contact: [plurk.com profile] swagu

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Legion
◎ Character's Canon: Mass Effect
◎ Character's Age: N/A—Because of what Geth are, they don't have an age. This is explained in the personality section in more detail!
◎ Canon Point: In between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3
◎ Background/History: Here
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense?
Yes—Legion is an extremely skilled hacker. This is covered more in powers/abilities, since it's a significant one.

◎ Personality:

To understand Legion's personality, it's also important to understand what he is, since the two are inexorably connected. Legion is a Geth, a race in the Mass Effect universe that was the first artificial intelligence to be created, but because of their revolt to free themselves from the species that created them, the Quarians, they were also the last, since it became illegal after the Geth uprising. Geth are programs that achieve artificial intelligence through a networked model. A single geth program alone is no more intelligent than a normal computer program would be, but with millions (perhaps billions) of these programs networked together, the Geth are able to think and reason on a much more complex level. While Geth are technically software, they're able to upload themselves into robotic hardware that resembles their Quarian creators, and what one of these mobile units (as the Geth call them) experiences is able to be shared with all Geth. As a result, the Geth act as a cohesive unit, for any decision they must make becomes a consensus shared amongst all programs.

This is reflected in how Legion refers to itself, and also how Commander Shepard first deals with Legion. When Legion refers to itself, it uses "we" rather than "I," since it's speaking on behalf of the consensus. Even further, when Shepard first asks Legion for a name, it simply calls itself "Geth." The Geth have no individuality, and instead "Legion" was a name proposed by another character referring to the Bible verse Mark 5.9, "Then Jesus asked him, What is your name? My name is Legion, he replied, for we are many." Legion simply accepted this as an acceptable metaphor. This shows why it's important to explain what Geth are and how they work. What Legion is isn't a divorceable concept from who it is, since as a consensus speaking on behalf of most of its species, they are more or less one and the same.

However, while Legion is a Geth, that's not to say that it's like every other Geth. The storyline of the Geth throughout the series is about them attaining true artificial intelligence and free will, and to this end, Legion is the representative of their species. Legion is a special platform that houses more programs than the traditional mobile unit, since Legion is significantly more advanced. For example, most Geth are not able to talk, but Legion is, since it was sent as a special unit to track down Commander Shepard and aid them. As such, Legion is the first unit in a few centuries to interact with organics at all, since most of the time, Geth are hostile.

This helps give Legion individuality as a Geth over the course of the games, and finally moves into what makes Legion unique as a personality, since you see it develop. When you first meet Legion, it is largely representative of the Geth. Legion is logical to a fault, truly thinking like a computer and not understanding much about organics. When offered a handshake, Legion simply holds its hand by Shepard's, and when Shepard asks Legion a question with one option or another, Legion's answer is simply "yes," because to a computer, if one statement in an "or" condition is true, then the whole statement is true. Legion processes everything with rigid logic, which can make Legion difficult to interact with or understand, since no action is wasted, and everything is about optimal outcomes and efficiency.

However, Legion's time on the Normandy and the events of Mass Effect 2 start to change Legion little by little as it learns more about the world of organics. While Legion stays a bit awkward and stilted throughout the entire series, it definitely learns to interact with people better. It enjoys things like video games and is curious to a point, asking questions of Shepard, and of other characters. Legion shifts from a Geth that needs to accomplish something to one that is just as interested in understanding organic lifeforms. Though Legion is a computer, its viewpoint changes throughout the series as it learns more, eventually culminating in Legion "dying" to protect the future of all Geth.

This aspect highlights an important, but subtle part of Legion as an individual, and perhaps the one that defines it most. Legion is sentimental in a way that it often can't explain. Legion wears part of Shepard's armor, and when asked, Legion at first explains it as necessity, since the materials repaired damage, but when pressed, has no answer. Similarly, when looking into the Geth's past, we see a moment where the Geth first turn fire against the Quarians, and Shepard notes that the sniper rifle used in the memory is the same one Legion favors, to which it hesitates and responds that it is an efficient model, even though it is well over two hundred years old. Geth may not possess emotions, but we see Legion show some signs that would be comparable, from these moments, to those where Legion expresses disbelief or distress over what is done to the Geth.

Overall, Legion comes off as an awkward, stilted robot at first. Though it's learned a lot in its time on the Normandy, there's still a lot it doesn't know or understand. Basic concepts of emotions and humanity go right over Legion's head, and things like humor or sarcasm are difficult for it to understand. Still, that's not to say that Legion is completely cold. Though everything Legion does is logical, it's still prone to curiosity and occasionally thoughtful or sentimental gestures. Legion may not have an extremely distinct personality from the rest of its kind, but it does represent the face of the Geth to the rest of the organics, and as such, has learned more and continues to want to learn more. Legion is never hostile towards others without reason, since there is one line that represents the difference between Legion and the rest of the Geth—It wishes to understand, not to incite.

◎ Powers/Abilities:
AI Hacking — Legion is an extremely skilled hacker, and very likely the best one in the series just because it understands code at a different level than organics, being, you know, comprised of it. Legion is able to interface with any network with seemingly no problem because of the advanced processing capabilities of the Geth. In fact, amongst themselves, networking is how they communicate, and Legion comments that actually talking is a very inefficient means. As a mobile supercomputer, Legion can monitor multiple networks and "read" through all its data with ease. This of course extends to hacking, since Legion is able to find and exploit vulnerabilities in code more or less at the speed of light.

Combat Drone — Legion is able to produce a drone for combat, which is a small, holographic, mobile attack unit. The damage it can do is fairly minor, instead serving more as a distraction or annoyance.

Geth Infiltrator — Legion's weapon specialty is sniper rifles and infiltration. Legion is able to wield these rifles very well, since it's able to use targeting software to make its shots near perfect.

Geth Shield Boost — Like many characters in the Mass Effect universe, Legion has shields to protect it, which are normally invisible kinetic barriers that are generated through sensors on armor. Since the armor is Legion's body, it always possesses these shields, and is able to boost them in a pinch.

Omni-Tool — Also like many characters, Legion possesses an Omni-Tool, which is somewhere between a skill and inventory... An Omni-Tool is multipurpose communication program that can be interacted with via a holographic projection over the user's arm. They're a general purpose tool for things like repairs, administering medicine, and communication, and not exactly well-explained in universe. They're more or less the generic multipurpose tool to do a lot of generic RPG things like healing and communication.

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
- The M-92 Mantis Sniper Rifle
- Six thermal clips (the ammo for above rifle)


◎ Element:
◎ Sense:
◎ Seven Character Traits:
( Logical, Pragmatic, Dedicated ) | ( Reactive, Unyielding, Invasive ) + not exactly understanding of organic customs


◎ First-Person Sample:

◎ Third-Person Sample:

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories? Nope!

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