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will I even go through with this? a mystery

_NAME: Christy
_PLURK: [ profile] swagu
_AGE: 18+
_CURRENT/PAST CHARACTERS: Sebastian Michaelis ([personal profile] cutlery)
Formerly: Mejojo von Garibaldi ([personal profile] nekouji), Shahrazad al-Rahman ([personal profile] sunglows), Diva ([personal profile] madamemoiselle)

_CANON: Sky Doll
_CANON POINT: Issue #1, Yellow City
_CHARACTER'S (ACTUAL) AGE: Unknown. Because of the nature of how Sky Dolls work, Noa's memories only last for a few months at the most, and the canon never specifies how long ago she was created. She's mentally an adult, that said, since she's an android.
_TANAGURA (elite) OR MIDAS (mongrel)?: Midas


Noa technically has abilities, but she doesn't know how to use them, nor is she likely to unlock them in the scope of the game. However, for the sake of listing them, Noa's odd, more sentient personality is because Noa is the vessel for a long dead character's soul. Noa is housing the soul of Agape, one of the two Papesses that once ruled and oversaw her planet's native religion, and because of its importance, the world as a whole. Agape's soul was hidden in Noa so that she wouldn't truly die after she was murdered, and could instead be revived. Noa was nothing more than a container, and she just happened to escape and live her own life. Noa is completely unaware of this, but Agape's soul does give her some abilities that relate to Agape's holiness:
Sky Dolls, as a default, are given no real personality of their own. Their personality only exists on a chip. Noa is different. Because she was created differently, Noa has a personality of her own. While this difference is not actually easily seen in the comic (those personality chips must be damn good), it is told to us. Noa is a bubbly and social Sky Doll--she has no problems at all jumping into a crowd, and is perfectly happy to introduce herself to everyone in that crowd. She's a kind and gentle person who doesn't like to hurt anyone. She would much rather help everyone she can. Because of that, she'll sometimes do things that she doesn't necessarily want to do without (much) complaint, but she's still strong-willed. She doesn't let people push her around too much, but she does have a certain amount of give to verbal abuse, considering the industry she works in and what she is. It annoys her on the inside, but she'll just confront it with a smile and be as nice as always.

She does have a tendency to be a bit sarcastic, but this is usually shadowed by how bold she is. Noa will plunge headfirst in a situation without thinking twice about it, making her appear a bit ditzy because of her naivete in certain areas. But she's brave enough to tell her boss to his face that he's rude and just generally a terrible person. Noa will say what's on her mind, but she'll try and do it in the nicest way possible. Still, she's much more likely to be sarcastic and a bit bitchy to rude people. She hates rudeness!

Noa isn't totally naive, though. Since she manages herself and has control over her life more than any other Doll, she has a certain amount of street smarts. She generally doesn't get herself into terrible situations. She has enough sense to pick her masters carefully enough. None of them have been exactly in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize, but good enough.

The thing that Noa wants to know most is more about herself. She is living a relatively easy life and has friends, but she's unhappy in a lot of ways. She feels different from the other Dolls, and without her dreams of Agape, she has no way to explain them. It's just a feeling that she always has that she doesn't belong, that she's missing something. Other than those kinds of self-identification problems, Noa is very confident in herself. Obviously she has no physical flaws, but she's happy with who she is--she only wants to know why she is that way and how she came to be. Because of the Mnemonic Limiter, this is more than a little difficult, but she believes that the answers are waiting somewhere.

But speaking of belief, Noa doesn't have much in the way of spirituality. She understands the basics of the religion of Papathea, but doesn't know much about its workings. She has catered to clients in the church before, but they were only clients--she didn't really bother to get to the point where she understood their belief system. Noa doesn't really believe that she has a soul, since she's a Doll, but would like to. Like many of the more advanced dolls, Noa secretly wishes that she was "human" (the species of Papathea haven't been given a real name yet), but she also knows that it's impossible. It doesn't stop her from wishing.

Since Noa is so social, she is easily able to relate to other people and make friends. Since she's worked in the sex industry and other various industries that require a lot of interaction, she's very good at being open and tries to be non-judgmental. Her bubbly personality plays off of other social butterflies, but she is also persistent enough to try and make friends with more ornery and socially withdrawn characters. She really likes to be friendly!

This is especially easy because Noa isn't particularly opinionated about anything. Since her memories only last for an unknown amount of time (probably a little less than a year), she doesn't really have time to form her own opinions. That doesn't mean she isn't open to forming them or to learning in general. Noa is very eager to learn new things, and is one reason when she likes to change jobs so frequently. Getting to know new things is an exciting challenge for her. She's a Sky Doll of average intelligence with no real aptitude in one specific area, but has good operational knowledge spread across the board.

Noa gets emotional easily, and will freak out if she thinks something has gone bad, or be sad if something is remotely sad. She's a very emotional android, which the Sky Doll corporation would consider a flawed Doll. But she also has a variety of quirks, such as her acute claustrophobia and her tendency to pick up accents quickly when spending time with people. These traits are unheard of in other Sky Dolls, and would just be more flaws. However, most people don't tend to notice those "flaws," since Noa is such a kind, bubbly and sometimes ditzy person that they become good friends quickly.

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_GEN SAMPLE: a) Provide a link to a recent post or thread (within the past year) of at least ten comments by your character that are not sex-related. Test Drive threads can be used for this. However, the same thread cannot be used for both the GEN and SMUT samples. TDM and OU samples are strongly preferred to AU.

b) Alternately, write an ic log starter or network post in the world of amoi as if your character has been living here for three months. Be sure that your sample includes adequate dialogue.

_SMUT SAMPLE: a) Provide a link to a recent post or thread (within the past year) of at least five comments by your character that are sex-related. since most sex comms are locked, make sure the link is from a meme, psl, or unlocked journal only as locked entries will not be accepted as samples. It's fine to provide a screenshot of a locked thread as long as your partner's half is edited out or you note on your app that you have permission from your partner. Test Drive threads can be used for this. However, the same thread cannot be used for both the GEN and SMUT samples. TDM and OU samples are strongly preferred to AU.

b) Alternately, write a starter for a sex log of your character having a sexual encounter with an npc (or unnamed pc) in Amoi. Your character or the character they are interacting with must be physically aroused for the sample to qualify for this requirement. (Example: "A shiver went down her back as they kissed." DOES NOT SATISFY the requirement. "She felt warmth pool between her legs as they kissed." DOES SATISFY the requirement. "He knew they'd be fucking soon." DOES NOT SATISFY the requirement. "He was so hard, he couldn't wait." DOES SATISFY the requirement. ) Test Drive threads can be used for this, as long as the smut requirement is satisfied. The same thread cannot be used for both the GEN and SMUT samples.