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Name: Christy
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Other Characters Played: Diva ([personal profile] madamemoiselle), Sebastian Michaelis ([personal profile] cutlery), Xerxes Break ([personal profile] madhatted)
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Character Name: Bayonetta
Canon: Bayonetta
Canon Point: Post-game, but instead of jumping out of the coffin and kicking ass with Jeanne, she wakes up in Haven instead. Rude, Haven.
Background/History: Here
Personality: This is the most important section! There is no specific word count, but anything less than three paragraphs likely isn't detailed enough.
Bayonetta is an Umbra Witch, which gives her quite a lot of magical abilities, though they're not the sort of traditional magic you expect from a witch, either...
  • Bullet Arts: Bayonetta has a mastery of weapons that the Umbra Witches call the Bullet Arts, because they're not quite traditionally used. Bayonetta is able to use a wide variety of magical weapons, from guns and swords to whips and giant claw hands. These are all used how you would expect, more or less, but what makes the Bullet Arts truly fearsome isn't that a user has a weapon in each hand, but there is also one on each foot. While you can equip other weapons in the game, the standard for Bayonetta is a pair of guns in her hands as well as guns that are incorporated as a part of her shoes and she is able to fire at will. These guns have unlimited ammunition as a part of their design, since the bullets are magically formed and come from crystals embedded in the guns.
  • Wicked Weaves: In addition to her guns, Bayonetta's other primary offensive ability comes from an overarching category called the Wicked Weaves. Umbra Witches are able to manipulate their hair, using it as a conduit to create portals that various limbs can come through. These limbs are actually the limbs of the demon that Bayonetta made a pact with (Madama Butterfly), but to someone that isn't familiar with how Umbra magic works, it seems that Bayonetta is able to manipulate her hair and use it to form complex shapes, such as fists. Most of the time, her hair is actually manifested as her outfit, though it appears to be made of leather rather than hair—It becomes clear what the outfit is when she uses her Wicked Weaves, since part of her outfit will disappear to form the limbs.

    In addition, Bayonetta is also able to unleash powerful attacks that summon demons that she uses all of her hair to manifest. In the game, these are always finishing moves for bosses (and sub-bosses), so translating that to a game setting, she's very unlikely to summon one of these demons since it must take a lot of power/energy, otherwise she would use it all the time. For example, Gomorrah is one of the demons she's able to summon. If you want more information on these demons, I'd be glad to provide it, but considering how powerful they are, I plan to use them very rarely (if at all).
  • Witch Time: Another defining power of the Umbra Witches, Witch Time allows Bayonetta to slow down time briefly. The power is activated when a Witch narrowly avoids danger (that is, in the game, when you dodge an attack at the last moment). Witch Time only lasts for a second or two in "normal" time, but for the Witch, slows time down by roughly a factor of five. Witch Time can't be activated on a large scale, only affecting its user, and if Bayonetta is injured during Witch Time, it will deactivate. Notably, Bayonetta is also able to walk on water during Witch Time.
  • Flight/Witch Walk: Bayonetta is able to invoke the power of her contracted demon briefly, manifesting as butterfly wings that allow her an extra distance that she can jump with a quick flap of the butterfly wings before they disappear. That is, that's this game's double jump, haha. In addition, Bayonetta also possess a power called Witch Walk that allows her to walk on vertical surfaces, but only on a full moon.
  • Torture Attacks: Bayonetta is able to summon torture devices (such as an iron maiden) that deals massive damage to enemies, though this uses her magical energy, and usually she can only perform one or two in a short period of time, and otherwise needs time to recharge. A full list of the torture devices is here.
  • The Beast Within: And finally, in strict powers, Bayonetta is also able to transform into three different types of animals. She is able to transform in a panther, a bird, and a flock of bats. The panther form makes her more agile and faster, the bird allows her limited flight, and the flock of bats just allows her to split herself up and avoid/negate damage.
  • Misc.: In general terms, Bayonetta is also super strong and fast, as these characters tend to be, and while she's definitely able to die, she's much tougher than a human and presumably very difficult to kill. She's also able to channel her magical energy into devices such as a motorcycle to push them beyond their mechanical limits, but this section tends to be where the game does things more for style than a hard and fast ability or something with an explanation.
So basically, I apologize that this section is so long, she's from an action/fighting game, so she has a buttload of bullshit abilities and I'm sorry...
Items/Weapons: Her set of guns (Scarborough Fair), a cherry lollipop, and a sprig of rosemary
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