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a mishmash of psls

Technically post [community profile] sevenvices, but this amounts to "Pandora Hearts AU where Break lives because he's a fuckin cheater."

Also since I just tossed us all together, feel free to start your own threads too! this is a post not a cop
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why do i love to die

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[Gilbert has been dealing with the rocky road of such intense loss as he had done once before, really - by devoting himself to his work.


The problem is, with no four dukedoms and no Pandora left, there... really isn't much work to be had, either. So really, it's more like the entire housing staff of all of their estates could probably be let go with the amount of work Gilbert's been doing. Sure, he has his place among the Baskervilles and new duties to fulfill now, but he's basically The Glen That Got Away - not as relevant to their workings as Leo or even Vincent. It leaves a lot of free time, and as we all know, Gilbert does not do well with even a little free time.

When Break twirls into the room, Gilbert appears to be in the middle of carefully re-threading and hand-sewing a barely tattered corner of a seat cushion. It's probably from a parlor room that barely sees the light of day...]

What—? [What is this foreign TEA TIME, he hasn't taken a break in days!!] I don't really have the time for that right now. --And I'm not looking gloomy! This is just the way my face is.
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CLOSES HIS MOUTH... He hasn't had tea in - how long has it even been? Probably sometime after Elliot's death, when Sharon bullied him into it...

Though of course, remembering that just gets him all gloomy again. Gloomier? GLOOMIER. A lot of people are dead and he's tired, okay. ...Tired, but maybe also at least a little grateful for Break. He sighs, carding a hand through his hair, and sets the pillow down on his lap. That's the biggest concession he's about to make, okay.]

I'm not proud of it, that's just a fact. [OBVIOUSLY.] ...And I'm not in the mood for tea, either.
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[WELL, it's not like Break is wrong with that assumption... Gilbert would definitely work himself to death before he willingly faced these difficult things. For now, at least. He's grown a lot over the last few months, but some core things stay the same.

It's that way for Break, too, he knows. That's how he can identify the care in the way he sets the plates and saucers out (even though it takes him a second or two longer than most who know him well to actually catch on, as usual). The serious tone is something he recognizes much sooner, however minute the difference is, and he sighs.

The cushion is set off to the side.]

...Things have gone very quickly since then.

[He's not even sure where to start.]
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[Gilbert is definitely painfully slow on the uptake with these things... But he will, at least, be very touched when he realizes what Break had done here.

For now, he just shuffles over to take the offered seat, and the tiredness that he feels but tries not to show is apparent in the heavy way he sits. He moves as though still in mourning when he doesn't have appearances to keep up, but that probably won't change for quite some time.]

...They made the decision that worked best in the end, I think.

[There were other options, sure, but every single one of them came with pretty immense sacrifices. Even Gilbert logically knows that this was the path to the best possible resolution with the fewest lives lost.

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[ Gilbert, paralyzed by indecision. Alice, paralyzed by some unimaginable fear of her big sister, although Sharon certainly couldn't fathom what it was that had her so nervous. But she knew Gilbert had gone to Oz, as was only understandable, and Alice was likely also with Oz, and she had thought that she would have seen Break before now.

Or, at least the childish part of her had hoped to see Break before now, while the future duchess half of her had suspected he'd speak with her grandmother first. It's fine. She's not a child any longer, and although she's not thrilled with Break at the moment, that she can feel emotions towards him that aren't grief and regret-- that means something.

And with two of the three suspects successfully cleared, she raises her voice from within the parlor. ]

You may enter.
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15min late with starbucks

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[these are the dark ages of reim's young life]

[The story may be true, but as far as Reim's concerned, that doesn't make it any less stupid. He's not surprised by that, considering it's Break, and he's pretty sure Break playing the hero is still a rude joke!! but he's been dealing with it the way any reasonable, normal person would.

That is, not talking about it. It already gives him a headache after everything else, and what if the next step is ulcers...

So the perfectly normal day spent locked in a room organizing something or other is going great, primarily because the door is locked. So is the window, and the big cabinet by the wall--

But not, apparently, the smaller cabinet on the floor under a set of shelves. Reim stops what he's doing to look over at the cabinet, squinting, and his worst fears are confirmed when he hears a sound coming from some mysterious dark recess of cabinetry. Someone needs to invent zip ties already because this is ridiculous.

He says nothing, however, simply stepping quietly over to stand by said cabinet and continue thumbing through the small pile of papers he's doing something boring with. He has a plan and it's great: the very moment he sees a fat hand start to sneak through an open crack in the cabinet doors, he's kicking them shut.]