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Character Name: Shinku
Canon: Rozen Maiden (Rozen Maiden II, specifically)
Canon Point: Rozen Maiden II, Chapter 36

Background/History: wiki
Shinku is a girl that wants nothing more than to be perfect. In a way, it's ingrained into her existence, where she strives to win battles to become Alice, a concept embodying the perfect girl. This strive for perfection is what drives Shinku, and for most of her life, to extreme measures. However, throughout the course of the series, Shinku starts to soften and to realize that there's more to her existence than becoming Alice. Though that said, it's not like her mannerisms to embody her idea of a perfect girl have faded.

So in a sense, Shinku is the model Victorian aristocrat. She's prim and proper, and places a lot of value on traditionally feminine things. Being lady-like is a must, and certain rituals to contribute to that are just as important, such as regular tea-time. She considers herself to be refined, elegant, and noble, and these are all things that make Shinku appear to be the eldest sister of all the Rozen Maiden dolls, though in reality she's more like the middle child. She's the most level-headed of the dolls and the one who seems to be the strongest, since her intelligence and maturity make her able to stand up to dolls with more raw power.

However, being a Victorian aristocrat means some negative things too. Shinku often comes off as very cold and abrasive, and seems to consider everyone to be beneath her, if at different levels, shown by how she doesn't use any honorifics. She'll refer to her medium as her servant and order around, and even the dolls her are older than her are more often referred to as children. She's very fussy and particular, and wants things just so, which tends to put stress on people around her, since she has a very high standard. Shinku is very clearly a perfectionist, but she also forces her perfection on others, and will often berate or slap them (with her hair) if they don't conform to her standard. And while her harshness does decrease as she gets to know someone, it also doesn't ever completely go away.

With how harsh and rude she is, it often makes it difficult to get to know her further, since her personality tends to rub people the wrong way, obviously. But beyond that harsh and proper exterior is a Shinku how isn't as confident in her abilities as she may seem. Shinku, like all of the Rozen Maiden dolls, is very concerned with being wanted. When the dolls don't have a medium, they "sleep," unwound in their boxes until the time comes, which is a very lonely existence. Similarly, Shinku is also very self-conscious about her appearance, though not in the traditional sense. Shinku is a doll, so she's very self-conscious about becoming "broken," since, as she puts it, no one would want a broken doll. This is one of the biggest reasons why she's very particular about her personal appearance, and even a minor flaw is enough for her to get very upset and depressed.

Similarly, though she puts on a very brave face, Shinku admits that the situation of the Alice Game does frighten her. She doesn't want to be broken, and she also doesn't necessarily want to break her sisters either. Throughout the course of the series, by bonding with Jun and other dolls, Shinku comes to realize this, and even begins to question whether meeting Father and becoming Alice is really worth that suffering.

And this highlights a part of Shinku that isn't exactly hidden, but may take a bit more digging to come out. Shinku is a very intelligent and insightful person. She's very shrewd with complex concepts, and can explain them eloquently and with care. This is the softer side of Shinku, where she can cry over a broken doll or compliment someone for their exemplary qualities. Though she's very abrasive, Shinku is ultimately a very kind and caring girl, though she doesn't always show it, since it's a sign of weakness in the Alice Game. However, like her perception of the game as a whole, this has changed greatly in the series. She's gone from the cold and sometimes ruthless doll to a doll that deeply cares for her sisters and can admit and apologize for when she's wrong. For humans, she's also come to care for a few of them as well, and is more willing to give them the time of day, though it's not as deep of a bond as with her sisters, of course!

Though Shinku does have a few quirks that almost serve to remind people that she's not the perfect and elegant lady that she often carries herself to be. For example, she absolutely loves a children's television show to fanatical levels, and she's not as knowledgeable about things humans do and have as she would like to portray. For example, thinking that a toilet was a suitable table for teatime, until she found out what it was... She's also prone to sulk when these odd things are pointed out, which makes up the less-than-mature and childish part of her personality. On occasion, though she would hate to admit it, her personality does match her appearance!

Shinku is like the harsh elder sister. She's a perfectionist in all that she does, and she wants everyone else to live up to her often too high standards. She's rude, demanding, and sometimes just wholly unpleasant. But just like an older sister, there's a huge amount of caring hidden not very far underneath her surface. She's the kind of person that cares very deeply for those around her, and it's this that makes her stand up to question the nature of the game that she's participating in. She may be hard to befriend, but once she deems someone worthy of it, Shinku is a very loyal and caring friend, almost to a fault. She's hardly the picture of the perfect lady she wants to be either, having weaknesses that she's ashamed of, but tries very hard to look in the eye and confront. Ultimately, Shinku torn by which she wants to follow, her heart, that wants to happily continue with living with the other dolls and silly things with Jun, but there's also her head which wants to become Alice. But all things considered, she seems to be following her heart more and more.

As a Rozen Maiden, Shinku has an assortment of powers (some explained more clearly than others) that exist to help her fight and win the Alice Game.
Basic Abilities: All Rozen Maiden dolls are able to fly, have more strength than you would expect from their size, and are also much more durable than a china doll. However, it is possible for them to break and be hurt, since they are still dolls! So for example, Shinku's arm can be taken out of its socket like with a normal doll. Similarly, if she uses too much energy, she'll essentially "turn off" and have to be wound up again.
Rose Petals: Each Rozen Maiden also as a power that's unique to each doll, and for Shinku, she's able to manifest and control rose petals. They're her primary weapon and can be used to cut things or to make a shield. It's not actually very clear what their limits are, though.
Holie: Holie is an artificial spirit, and appears to be a small, red ball of light. Holie is essentially for reconnaissance, and can exist quite far away from Shinku, and she directs it with her will. However, Holie isn't able to actually do much, and what it can do what be relevant here, haha. So really, it's just for spying on people.
Timekeys: Shinku is able to reverse a limited amount of damage to objects. She calls it "reversing the time key of an object," but it's essentially using her power to repair a small amount of damage. So for example, Shinku can repair a broken window, but repairing an area that she damaged in a fight isn't possible.
Object Affinity: As a doll, Shinku is not only able to communicate with other dolls/toys, but she's also able to use a bit of her power to animate them. That's not to say she controls them, though! The dolls have their own will, and she's just giving them a little energy to act as they wish for a short time. So for example, a well-treated doll would defend its owner, while a poorly treated one may attack them. In the same vein, Shinku is able to sense certain qualities about an object relating to its consciousness or energy, and can use shiny surfaces as a portal to the N-Field where the Alice Game takes place. Of course that won't work in Haven, though.
She Whips Her Hair Back and Forth: It's mostly for comedic effect, but Shinku is able to use her ridiculously long hair like a whip to slap people. It doesn't seem to hurt like long term, but certainly stings!
However, since the source of her powers' energy isn't here and she's very close to him, she likely won't use any of these powers unless she or someone else is in immediate danger, since it does run the risk of hurting or even killing her medium if she overdoes it.

1. Her box
2. Her wind-up key
3. A plush toy of the great and wonderful Kun-kun
Sample Entry:
[The video starts to show a young girl who almost seems too beautiful to be real. Her skin is like porcelain, every strand of long, blonde hair is perfectly in place, and her crimson and markedly Victorian outfit doesn't have so much as a wrinkle. She's perfectly composed and put together, staring at the camera evenly and with a refined, elegant expression.

At least, that's how it starts. As soon as she recognizes the video has started, her cool expression turns sharply into a frown, and she settles back to address Haven quite haughtily.]

There. What a difficult little machine this is proving to be...

[She sits primly, picking up a teacup to sip at. Observant Havenites might notice, however, that something seems off about the background. Everything seems a little too big. Which is because this perfect-looking girl is really really only a few feet tall, since she's a doll.]

But I suppose this is where I will make my address to the large humans that seem to be overrunning this dismal place. First, I find the quality of this place unacceptable and deplorable. It's no condition for a lady, and I find it utterly distasteful that I should be kidnapped to such a place. Second, I seek a rather gloomy boy by the name of Jun. If you tell him his master is looking for him, he'll understand, so please direct him my way.

[hmphs!!] —And finally. The tea I have found here is absolutely unacceptable. It's barely fit to drink at all, but in absence of anything else, I had to make do. I do hope that someone will be able to provide something of more quality, or at least give me advice on where to obtain some.

[She pauses, closing her eyes as she lifts the tea toward her mouth.]

And one more thing. Any Maidens should reveal themselves, or I shall be forced to find you myself, which will make me quite cross.

Sample Entry Two:
What a wreteched noise.

While Shinku was pleased that Jun had finally mustered his courage to return to school, it was still terrible to be awoken by the grating noise of an alarm clock's beeps. She didn't think it was necessary either, since Nori would gladly wake him in a much more acceptable way.

But it doesn't turn off. Certainly Jun was an idiotic servant who stumbled about in sleepiness, but it was still too long for such a thing. Shinku cracks open the lid of her box with an annoyed expression, ready to turn it off for him and wake him painfully as punishment for how his thick-headedness interfered with her rest.

Shinku's eyes widen in surprise, and the her perfect composure drops, for a moment.

"Jun...?" She calls out for him, opening the box wider as she steps out. Surely the other dolls had moved past kidnapping by this point. "Jun, you idiotic servant, if you don't come out right now, I'll have to punish you severely for your transgression."

There's no answer, and it makes her frown deepen in uncertainty. She moves onto the immediate (and still grating) problem of the alarm clock, which she's luckily able to reach by standing on her toes. The noise is silenced, and she feels her thoughts already growing clearer without such a distraction. She reaches up to her chest absently, confirming that the connection is still there, but... It seems so far away. Was it possible that she had been taken through the N-field once again?

She makes an annoyed noise, because this was trying her patience. If it were another ploy of that troublesome white rose, fine, she would deal with it swiftly. Shinku walks to the bedroom door, intending to storm out and draw that child's attention, if that was what was necessary.

...Though the effect is somewhat ruined as she stares up at the door handle and stretches again to reach it.

If only humans weren't so stupidly large.
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