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[sticky entry] Sticky: open post 2016

no review needed

some review needed

memes I like

Pick a meme above, make up your own prompt, etc.

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fst thing

what up this is for me to share snippets
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a mishmash of psls

Technically post [community profile] sevenvices, but this amounts to "Pandora Hearts AU where Break lives because he's a fuckin cheater."

Also since I just tossed us all together, feel free to start your own threads too! this is a post not a cop
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now that's what i call indecisive

NAME: Christy
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] swagu

NAME: Sebastian Michaelis
CANON: Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
AGE: Unknown—At least 3,000 years old, but likely quite a bit older than that. Appears to be in his late twenties.
CANON POINT: Chapter 104


In some ways, Sebastian seems to personify everything you'd imagine about the Faustian demon. He's handsome, charming, and sly, able to easily manipulate and lead people as he wishes. He's ruthless and quite clearly considers humans nothing more than something that exists for his amusement and meals. But at the same time... He's also a very odd demon. While he may be suave and charming, on the other hand, he's also a borderline neurotic perfectionist that takes the duties of a butler very seriously and loves cats enough to keep thirteen of them in a closet to save them from being outside. He may be a demon, but he's not exactly the cool, flawless being that he may seem to be.

But to give him credit, Sebastian is bound by a contract, and that contract is a big driving force for his activities. In Kuroshitsuji, if a human summons a demon, they're able to form a contract with the demon—the demon will serve the human to its full capacity and do anything the contractor wishes, but at a cost. The demon will eventually eat his human contractor's soul. In Sebastian's case, his contractor is a young nobleman named Ciel Phantomhive that made a contract both to save himself and out of a want for revenge against the people that killed his family. This revenge drives Ciel, and thus, it drives Sebastian in turn. But Ciel is a wise boy, so there are certain terms that bind Sebastian:
1. To protect and never betray Ciel.
2. To obey his orders no matter what.
3. To never lie.
While most of these terms only apply to Ciel in terms of how they can influence Sebastian, they still carry a great influence otherwise, since some of the orders that Ciel has given have shaped Sebastian. For example, Sebastian's perfectionism, especially as it relates to his duties as a butler, comes from Ciel's rather harsh enforcement of term number two. While Sebastian does seem to innately just take some sort of pleasure in doing things over the top and making things as perfect as possible, Ciel only made it worse by insisting that Sebastian do things by hand. With Sebastian's abilities, he's able to simply create meals, tidy things up, or anything else that would be asked of him without so much as lifting a finger, but because Ciel insisted that he take the effort to do them by hand, he must. Ciel may have high standards for what he expects from Sebastian, but some of this is just a part of Sebastian's character, too. He does things to the best of his ability, and gets annoyed when things don't go exactly as planned, though he goes to great lengths still make sure they're as perfect as possible.

But even beyond that, Sebastian also just tends to think of accomplishing things in unusual, often overly elaborate ways. Some examples include arson to find a missing person, elaborately faking his own death for the sake of incriminating a someone, and creating about twenty different varieties of curry for the sake of winning a curry competition. He's quietly eccentric, in a way, since the ways he thinks to do things are just strange, and the amount of effort they require makes it seem even stranger that he would go through it all for the sake of one (apparently very good) meal.

But that's also easily attributed to the idea that Sebastian is difficult to think of in terms of human ideals and morality. He is a demon, and therefore simply doesn't understand or isn't subject to some human emotions. Materialism is meaningless to him, and the only things he seems to care about (other than cats) are more in terms of the annoyance of replacing them if they get ruined rather than any actual value he places on them. The idea of friendship is foreign to him, and while others may regard him as a friend, it's not a sentiment that's returned. His "friendship" is something purely manipulative, just another proverbial chess piece that can be used to some end. Even crying baffles him, because it's just something foreign to a demon.

But even with his distant view of humanity, it's clearly convincing enough for people to like him and to not suspect that he's anything but a refined, stoic butler. Despite not being human and not being subject to many of their emotions, he enjoys observing them and finds them entertaining, clearly enough to be able to imitate it. He's friendly and charming, and even appears to be generous at times, but that too is usually a manipulative gesture. He can be playful and enthusiastic, in every part seeming to be a butler that truly enjoys and takes pleasure in doing his work and doing it well. Yet everything is in terms of how it could be useful to him (or Ciel), so he's more than happy to play the part he's been given. To anyone that doesn't know that he's a demon, he's pleasant, if a bit distant and stoic. To those that do, he's much more open with the fact that he only does things for the sake of some eventual goal and doesn't seem to like it when people imply otherwise.

He's certainly an unusual, eccentric demon, but Sebastian is a demon nontheless. He's manipulative and downright cruel, and certainly extremely dangerous, should he feel the need to be. Yet luckily, this is something that very rarely gets shown at all. For the sake of one, excellent meal, Sebastian plays the part of a human well as a charmingly eccentric butler who is absolutely devoted to his young master.

To put it quite simply, Sebastian is one hell of a butler.

Well. See. About Sebastian's powers...

Sebastian's abilities are not very clearly defined, and are more likely vaguely handwaved because he seems to be capable of everything. There hasn't been a situation in the manga that Sebastian has simply been unable to handle, even to ridiculous levels, so rather than giving a clearly defined list, I have to vaguely wave my hand in terms of what he does.

That said, there are a couple abilities that Sebastian has that are well enough shown that I can at least give a bulleted list for his basic abilities.
  • Super Strength/Speed/Sense/Etc.: As expected from a demon, Sebastian has heighted, well, everything. He's capable of simply running long distances without tiring, pulling along horse carriages himself no problem, and otherwise just doing impossible feats of strength/agility/what have you. In terms of heightened sense, Sebastian is also able to sense souls, though it seems to be not with any identification of who the soul belongs to.
  • Matter Creation: This is the one that I have to vaguely wave my hand at the most, since Sebastian is capable of creating an elaborate meal or fixing up a ruined mansion in the blink of an eye, and with the only imperfections being in terms of his lack of knowledge (such as the taste of the food). It doesn't seem to have any restraints, since he's able to fix the manor from major damage repeatedly and have it be lasting, so. Who knows.
  • Immortality: As far as we know, Sebastian seems to be immortal. He can take major damage and not be very worried about it (such a scythe through his chest) and otherwise be injured repeatedly and not suffer ill-effects from it. The exception is with items specifically made to slay demons or a Grim Reaper/Shinigami's weapon, which seem to affect him more, but still not very much.
  • Butlering: In addition, in terms of pure skill sets, Sebastian is very good at a lot of things. He's extremely intelligent and capable, and is able to perform a variety of tasks extremely well, from gourmet cooking and high-class cleaning to learning the specifics of a machine after reading its document once. He does have to learn things as a normal human would, that is, reading and experience, but he's able to pick up on tasks very easily and quickly. The amount of things he can do under this category is really ridiculous because he's a stupid godmod, but for things like making champagne towers.
That said, because his powers do tend to be so vague, I've made a more detailed information post laying out what he can do here! It's more or less everything listed above, but does include some minor things and more expansion on how they work, if applicable.

1. His butler's uniform, shown here
2. A silver pocketwatch
3. A set of sharped, silver dinner knives since Sebastian is an embarrassment and genuinely fights with them.

NETWORK SAMPLE: It's a joint post, but you'll find plenty of replies Here!
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NAME: Christy
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] swagu

NAME: Lucifer Morningstar
CANON: The Sandman
AGE: Immeasurably old. In the mythos of the Sandman universe, God (Yahweh*) created Michael and Lucifer as the first beings to ever exist. As instruments of Yahweh's will, they were the ones to physically create the universe through the Big Bang. For some kind of reference, Lucifer comments that he had been presiding over Hell for ten billion years, but the universe had existed well before Hell was "created."
CANON POINT: The very end of Lucifer, Issue #27



In the world of The Sandman, there are many impressive figures that make up the unseen parts of the world. There are personifications of concepts like dreaming and death, every pantheon made reality, so you can talk to Fenrir just as easily as Bast, and almost infinite amounts of other, smaller existences from faerie to the children of Lilith, the Lilim. However, even amongst these many diverse beings, there are some who have a bit more of a reputation than others. This couldn't be truer for one person in particular, because of course the angel that willingly stepped away from Heaven and Fell would be misunderstood. By mortals, this angel is considered the root of all evil, and by those who are a bit more than mortal, he's a dangerous and powerful creature that shouldn't be crossed unless you have a death wish. However, both of these groups misunderstand him. There are many myths and misconceptions about Lucifer, and strictly speaking, most aren't unfair. He's an enigmatic figure at best, but that's a natural side-effect of being one of the first beings to ever exist. Yet most people that meet Lucifer are surprised when they speak to him, since he's not quite what you may have been expecting from the Devil himself.
JILL: "I'd like to say that you're an arrogant, ungrateful son of a bitch on a permanent power trip."
LUCIFER: "Ha! Excellent. Accurate on all counts. But don't push your luck. My good humor could evaporate at any moment."
The quote above is an excellent one to introduce Lucifer as a character rather than a concept, because Jill absolutely isn't wrong (as he admits). While there are parts of the stories about Lucifer that aren't quite true or are misinterpretations of his actions, they are based in truth. Lucifer is an incredibly proud being, though this isn't actually why he left the Kingdom of Heaven (which I'll get to later). Lucifer is arrogant, proud, and also jaded, since he really was one of the first two creatures to ever exist. Lucifer was creates to weave raw power into life, which is where his title as the "Lightbringer" comes in. He was quite literally the being that crafted the universe and brought light to the darkness by creating the sun(s). He's an incredibly, immeasurably old being, and he's seen everything that's ever happened. This is also where his engima comes in, since being so wisened to the world also means that there's very little that interests or surprises him. He's cool and distant, since most beings simply aren't worth his time, so far as he's concerned.

This arrogant distance from other beings is the first of misunderstandings about Lucifer, since this is absolutely where the perception of Lucifer as the root of all evil comes from. He's calculating, meticulous, and ruthless, but not inherently evil. However, his arrogance does mean that he places very, very little value on life, and can and will extinguish thousands of souls with a thought if they get in his way. Despite how long he's existed, Lucifer has very little patience for foolishness. He may be willing to wait billions of years to see his plans come to fruition, but if someone challenges him, he won't tolerate it. Though he can be more accepting of humans challenging him since they rarely know better, it's not uncommon for Lucifer to kill those that should without any care. This apathy towards others can also express itself as maliciousness at times, because Lucifer always responds in kind to how people confront him. If someone makes an effort to try and interfere with his plans, then he'll very slyly respond so that circumstances align to make things as terrible as possible for them. For example, when Izanami-no-Mikoto (the Japanese goddess of creation and death) tries to plot against Lucifer by keeping his wings from him, this ends in the death of several of her children, and without Lucifer ever attacking them himself. He manipulates situations and takes advantages where he sees them, since he knows this game better than anyone else.

However, the perception of Lucifer as a manipulative being is another misconception, at least in a way, and this ties into his own pride. Lucifer once comments* that the idea of Satan tempting people to sin is completely wrong. Why? Because he has no interest in doing so. Lucifer finds it rather arrogant that humanity would think themselves important enough for that, because there are very, very few mortals that Lucifer will even acknowledge at all. He has his own goals, his own plans, and he cares very little about actually running Hell. It's why he quit, after all. He can absolutely be manipulative, and his ruthless cunning and intelligence are the most dangerous things about him. Another character comments* on this by talking about Lucifer and the subject of lies. Lucifer doesn't lie. He's too proud for it, because why would he need to? He knows enough truth to lead people along, and though he can absolutely be deceptive, he's not a liar. In fact, he's rather straightforwardly and brutally honest. He's not the devil with the cloven hooves and pitchfork at all, since he would argue that image is terribly self-important of humans to have created. His will is his own, and he won't waste it on things that considers unimportant.

And it's the matter of "will" that's really at the center of Lucifer's character. His strong will manifests often times as pride, but as mentioned earlier, that's not the sin that drove him from Heaven. Lucifer willingly left because he was unhappy existing in a way where his whole existence was predetermined. Lucifer is considered the original rebel, but it also goes quite a bit more philosophical than that. Lucifer wants to exist in a way where he can choose his own path completely. Though whether his perception is true or not is arguable, the fact that Lucifer feels like he has no true free will is what motivates him completely. It manifested first as leaving Heaven, since he hoped that having lordship of his own domain would free him from Yahweh's influence, but over billions of years, he realized this wasn't true. So he plotted instead to leave Yahweh's Creation completely, and succeeded in creating his own Creation where he was the ultimate Creator, but wasn't satisfied by even that. He found Yahweh's influence there too, and this simply wasn't acceptable to him. So long as there's anything touched by Yahweh, he feels his influence, and so it's flying off into a true void that Lucifer finds his freedom that he's been searching for since he left Heaven. This might seem like a terrible fate from the point of view as the reader, but to Lucifer, that's exactly what he had been working for. He strives for freedom, and he'll pursue that goal even when it leads to a void. He wants to truly determine his own path, and it's that desire that inexhaustibly drives him.

That said, there's something else in that quote above that's absolutely important to note, and that's where the surprise tends to come from. Lucifer may be incredibly proud and so focused on his own goals that he doesn't give a damn about anything else, but he's still surprisingly affable. He's cool and distant in general, but he's also charismatic. He's well aware of the myths and misunderstandings about him, and he takes many of them in quite good humor. He's sarcastic and will make little quips often, and he'll even joke around when he's in a more relaxed situation. He enjoys simple things like relaxing on an Australian beach or playing jazz music in a piano bar, since they're the sort of relaxing pleasures that fill the time nicely. He is patient when it comes to his goals, but that doesn't mean he won't enjoy himself in between. Though he can be a bit standoffish to pretty much anyone, he'll engage in a conversation easily, and he would converse with a normal human in nearly the same way he would with a god. Though he dislikes ignorance and doesn't have the interest in teaching others, open-mindedness is good enough to him. He dislikes people that are resistant to other viewpoints, since Lucifer is quite the debater. While it's difficult to change his mind on something, it's not impossible. In fact, it's the way to gain Lucifer's respect, since if you can surprise him or show him something new, that's an impressive feat.

Overall, this is what most people will see of Lucifer. He's the suave Satan that decided to quit his job of lordship of Hell, and he passed off the key to eventually go run a luxurious piano bar in Los Angeles. Though he's cool and distant, he still has a certain draw to him, because Lucifer is a much more neutral entity than you would expect. This is definitely because he's almost entirely self-interested, but even knowing that, there's definitely something compelling about his personality. His drive, determination, and intelligence are all things he considers assets much more than his power, and that's what most people tend to realize about him too. He may not be the Devil you know, but that's a good thing, honestly.

The Devil with cloven hooves doesn't make as good of a martini, after all.

As you would expect from Literal Satan, Lucifer is incredibly powerful, but he's also more powerful with his portrayal in the Sandman series because of the role he plays in helping create the universe. In the series, it's stated that he's one of the most powerful beings in Creation (with his brother Michael being one of the few to outclass him). However, though Lucifer is quite strong, what makes him feared and respected over his brute strength is his intelligence and cunning. He's not the sort to show off, so these powers are only utilized when they truly need to be. As such, I'm also completely fine with limiting or nerfing powers as needed, since I know that several of them are a rather gamebreaking in nature. And that he's just terribly OP, even by comic book standards.
Heightened Strength/Speed/Durability/Senses/Etc.
The standard "anything you can do, I can do better." Lucifer has greatly enhanced physical attributes, from great physical strength to truly intense levels of durability. He's able to throw people quite literally into orbit, move fast enough that the movement isn't generally perceptible, and even when depowered to a more mortal state of being, survive being impaled like it's no big deal. He would prefer not to be, though, since it still hurts, thank you. He's also a fairly proficient fighter, both in hand to hand combat and with the more angelic sword and shield. He doesn't really enjoy it, though.

Magical Ability
With how magic (seems to) work in Sandman, magical power is something that any being is technically capable of, not unlike how any person is capable of performing a chemistry experiment. You just have to know how to do it, and most of humanity simply doesn't. Some people have more magical affinity than others, and Lucifer's doesn't actually seem to be terribly impressive as compared to some other characters in the Sandman universe. However, we do see him cast several spells throughout the series that are largely based on runes, names, and occasionally blood. Magic doesn't have concrete systems in Sandman, so generally speaking it follows "classical" myths of spellcasting and the occult where complex setups or blood sacrifices might be required. He also seems to have near encyclopedic knowledge of magic, since he can rattle off obscure forms as if they're perfectly obvious.

Divine Will
As his definite most powerful ability, Lucifer is able to simply create. This is a power that goes hand in hand with his status as the Lightbringer, since this is what allowed (and allows) him to create entire universes if he has the materials to do so. If Lucifer is able to will something to happen, he usually can, which can range from destroying thousands of souls or a single eldritch immortal with a thought to creating new life and their souls.

This is also roughly what allows him to be able to travel throughout other realms and dimensions freely. Lucifer does have to play by the rules of wherever he goes, so this can make him mortal, but to be able to travel between realms so easily and without any sort of assistance is a rare ability. By being able to will things and make them simply happen, this allows him more or less free passage between many of the settings of The Sandman.

Limited Omniscience
While he has complete omniscience in his own Creation, this doesn't apply in the "main" Creation, and this can be limited further when he's existing in other being's domain (which is how I treat it RP so that I don't have to go through the hassle of trying to RP omniscience). Lucifer is able to have a good sense of things that are happening in the world and the many, many domains that exist outside of the physical world. It's not complete omniscience since he does have to make an effort to pay attention to say, one particular person, but he's able to proverbially watch them if he wants to.

"The Lightbringer"
Lucifer has a strong affinity with fire, and it's not because of his rulership of Hell. As the creature that took raw power from Michael and shaped it into universes, Lucifer is the "lightbringer" because he made the suns. Because of this, fire is something that he's able to manipulate to a great extent, such as creating flames from nothing, breathing fire, and fire only being able to harm him under quite extreme circumstances. He doesn't seem to have any other elemental affinities, but he doesn't have weaknesses against any particular elements either.

As the simplest to explain, Lucifer is able to fly because of the large, angelic wings that he has. He's able to dismiss or materialize them at will.
And of course, since this is a lot, I've listed it for the sake of completeness, but I would be happy to assume that Lucifer loses most of these abilities or has them severely reduced so that he's not as untouchable.

Nothing but a very simple tunic and the wings on his back!

LOG SAMPLE: Here + Here
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did somebody mention mURDER

It's that time again! Possibly? Happy holidays, it's time for all of your friends to die!! ♥

AKA I'm thinking about running a murdergame come December! I'm thinking the game will start approximately the week of Dec. 6th (very approximately), and will probably last from the beginning to the middle of January. This is a tentative post to see how much interest there is for that timeframe, but also because I'm mulling over two ideas and I'd like to see which one sounds more fun.

Both ideas will work with the standard mafia set-up (mafia and villagers, voting off the weakest link, etc), but with roles tweaked to fit each idea. Both will also have mystery and puzzle solving elements, since how characters will have ended up in their situation is crucial to "winning" each game and escaping.

The concept is vaguely based on a few missions in the Mass Effect series, but which missions those are is a secret! I don't want to ruin the surprise. Characters would be on an abandoned space station, and they would be killing each other for the chance to get to the escape pod, since the AI in charge of the station has locked them out until they reach the arbitrary number of seats in the pod. So for example, given a game of 40, the game will end when 8 people are left alive, since this is how many seats are in the escape pod.

Characters arrive in a mysterious location, and unbeknownst to them, they're all taking part in an experiment on human(oid) psychology. Characters are sorted into test and control groups, though they don't know which is which, nor will they initially know that they're taking place in an experiment. Characters will be encouraged through "experimental methods" to kill each other, though the incentive for characters to kill each other will differ greatly depending on which group they're in.

Comment here with which idea you prefer, and your whether you'd definitely be able to play or might be able to play! Characters are optional, though I'd like to hear it, haha. This is definitely not a commitment, since I'm just gauging interest to see how feasible it is for me to run as compared to some other things I'm interested in!
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giantass character survey

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dreamwidth rp Q&A

First of all, welcome to Dreamwidth-based roleplay!

I'm opening up this posts to general questions about roleplaying on this site because after seeing some newer players come into this format, I realized that there are a lot of things I take for granted and just assume everyone knows even though that's not always the case! We're a very unique format with our own standards, lingo, and what have you, and it's often difficult to jump into unless you have someone holding your hand along the way. There are a lot of resources out there to get you started, but at the same time, there's always something better about asking a person directly when you have a question instead of hunting for an answer in something that's already been written and may not even apply!

Just to give you a little background about me, since I'll be answering the questions, my name is Christy! I actually started out on journal-based roleplaying on Livejournal in 2006 more or less on a whim, and I've been continuously playing ever since. I've played a wide variety of characters in an even wider variety of games, and I've both created games from scratch and run them and helped mod ones that other people have made. So as such, you can ask questions about RP from the perspective of a player, but also from the perspective of a mod.

And of course, as a disclaimer, all answers I give are purely from my experience and my opinions! You might find that other people have different opinions or answers to questions, and I of course encourage people to jump in and answer questions as they see fit. This post is open to any kinds of questions at all, and if I don't have an answer for you off the top of my head, I'll do my best to try and find one for you. There's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask whatever you want! Even if it seems like the most basic, inane thing, I'm still happy to answer.

So go ahead! Ask any questions you'd like, and I'll answer them as quickly as I can. ♥
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open rp post

Request a character (Now Playing & On Request are fair game) and Pick a Prompt if you want! You can also just leave me a blank header and I'll start with whatever I feel like is interesting. Feel free to tell me it sucks.